Monday, 25 March 2013

Greetings again

Hello kawans. It's been fucking long sinced my last post.

I have a reason for that. One of my New Years resolution for 2013 was to spend as much time I can off the computer. So yea... Sad isn't it. Was told that I will been miss out a lot if I spend a lot of time on the Internet (My dad's mentality).

Needless to say, my first and past relationship didn't really work out that well. It only lasted for one semester (4 months). It's his birthday tomorrow. Still wondering whether I should wish him a not. It didn't really end very well.

I'm currently waiting for time to pass so u can continue to further my studies in the states. So yea... Instead of just wasting time doing nothing, I worked part time at retail before. I WAS SO DRAINNED OUT EVERYDAY AFTER WORK. So now I just work in an office 9 hours a day, five days a week.

And as for right now, I'm currently eyeing hotties on a street in Melbourne with LeoNut. :P

Gotta go. Hot guys awaits!
Bitch was in, now I'm out. 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

You Only Live Once

So it's the time of the year again where I get 2 weeks off for my semester break. 2 miserable weeks. And I haven't been productive AT ALL.

But I came to a sudden realization 'bout few days ago that this year. When I turned 19 on my birthday 3 months ago, I didn't even gave a damn. It was just another regular birthday to me. But just few days ago, I really have no idea but, I somehow lost track of how old I am. I had to confirm with my sis that I'm actually 19 this year and not 18 which I thought I was. Which is sad, cause I haven't actually accomplish anything far more than I had ever hoped. People half my age are already planning what college/university to attend. And I still have no idea what I wanna do in life. And my faghag told me that if I fail, there's always Sugar Daddies *insert meme here* ... Would any of you go for Sugar Daddies? Like seriously? They're so old :/ *no offense* But yeaa.. But I really have no idea whether I will go for a Sugar Daddy in the first place. I guess there IS a first for everything. lol 

Speaking of a first for everything. Yesterday was the first time where I actually sneaked out of home to club :P Never in my life have I done anything like that! I felt like an escape convict. HAHAHA But yea.. It was scary. Cause I didn't actually went out the front door. I went out the back. The plan was my friend coming to my house to pick me up at 12am. My parents however, decide to come to the dining room and start watching a DVD at 11pm. And you know how movies are usually an hour and a half long? But thank god my friend was half an hour late. So when the movie finished, my parents went back up the their room, and I sneaked downstairs. And I'd thought they would instantly went to bed cause they complained that they didn't get enough sleep yesterday cause I brought a friend home till 2am and apparently we were making a racket. But no, they went on and watch ANOTHER movie. So the minute their door closed, I went straight down and out the back door without even looking back. I was damn scared. Imagine if I was caught, I think I'll never see the sunlight, EVER.  Well, YOLO. 

But I guess it was fun. I went clubbing with 4 straight friends (2 girls 2 guys) and a gay friend to Marketplace again. HEHE All my straight friends fell in love with the music there I guess. And if my stalking skill did not fail me, I think I saw Jason Is A He and the love of his life :P hehe 

Went down to SG for Raya :P 


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Attention Seeker

Was reading @LeoNut's blog and the latest post just inspired me to write one. HAHAH

Attention seeking (attention)
1. Enjoying the attention of others to you

About a month ago, a good friend promised me that he'll praise me about my looks EVERYDAY till the day he forgets. lol

So right about 8.30pm everyday, I can just expect his whatsapp or the little annoying Facebook pop up chat, just to praise me about how I look. lol

Cheesy rite? But I, as an attention seeker, enjoyed it! HAHAHA It makes me happy! heheheh even though it was somewhat forced upon him.. hahahah :33

Bitch Out :D 

Sunday, 5 August 2012


I realized I've haven't been updating. lol 

2nd year is fucking busy!! I wonder where you guys find the time to blog all the time!! :( 

Anyways, updates!! HEHEHEHE

I broke my gay club virginity yesterday!! HEHEHEH FUCKING HAPPY! It wasn't as great as I thought it would be, but rite, Marketplace has like the best house music EVERRRRR!!!! I never thought I'd visit Marketplace like so soon.. maybe when I'm working.. lol But now got chance to go, go lah rite? hahaha 

It all started with a friend. A friend who'd never been to a club. And she wish to club before she leaves next week to further her education abroad for 4 years. And it was only then, the openly gay friend in our group suggest that we go Marketplace and after that we crash at dad's condo in Mont' Kiara. 

And in our group, only 5 of us went. 3 guys, which only one of us are straight, and 2 girls, who are also straight. All wanted to experience the gay night scene. And I tell you, the four of us, we like never club before like that!! lol 

Never have I seen so many guys in a club before! AND IN MARKETPLACE, CAN DANCEE!!!!! I LAIKE!! AND THE MUSIC THERE IS LIKE 10000000000000000000000000000 TIMES better that all the other clubs I've been too..!! Seriously!! Even my friends(straight) were like impress of the environment!! We've even set up a date to come back in the next few weeks!! nyehehehehe :3 

And guess what shirt I wore? Fucking cheesy.. hahahahahah 

Quite a few slide me. hehehehehe 

But there were quite a few disappointing moments when I danced on the stage but no one wanted to danced with me.. :( saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. lol But then again, it's my first time there.. heheheh My second time, Imma party hard like maaad! :P AND DESPITE THE SHIRT! Only 1 guy grinded me :(((((( saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad still :( 

Bitch Out, Bitches! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Whoooooooo... It's been ALMOST a month since my last post. lol

I've been busy and I can't find things to blog about. :/ lol

My parents went to Singapore recently and got me something back!! :D

I sort of told them to get it for me in the "either get it for me or never return" tone. I know.. I sound like a brat! But I'm noooott!!! Like really! I work hard for everything I do. I get good grades. I don't smoke (except for shisha). I hardly club. So yea.. They should be proud of me. lol *dumb blond moment ON*

Anyways. I've been super busy lately. I only have limited time to myself :( saaaaaaaaaaaaaad meaning less fap and more work.

But anyhow, the busy-ness is gonna end by the end of this week!!! WHEEEEEEE!! Can't wait. 

I heard that Instagram was down for a couple of days due to a storm in the US. lol I pity them camwhorers. HAHAHAHAHA 

I just outed to like a big bunch of my friends last week. And I'm glad that they're cool with it. lol That means I can now use my new wallpaper freely then, HAHA Plus! One of them saw my browser history.. EMBARRASSED MUCH!! 

Anyone free on the 4th or the 6th ar? Cause the production I'm involved in needs audience and we need the crowd badly :( I hope you guys can make it though. Cause it's about HIV awareness and they are gay scenes in it. And I'm trying to get the gay couple in it to kiss. So yeaa.. 

Do come and support this wonderful event. It would mean a lot :DD Plus, you'll be doing kids born with HIV a favor... :) 

And erm... This guy, 

is FUCKING HOT in The Amazing Spiderman! Watch it! To believe it! lol

klah, BITCH OUT!!! :DDD